Sanctuary offers Rock-fall protection netting in hexagonal woven wire mesh, supplied in roll form. Gabion rock netting is draped down rock escarpments, secured at the top to guide falling rocks safely to the toe of the escarpment. Mechanically woven double twisted meshes are non raveling and the edges of the mesh are reinforced with a thicker wire called the selvedge/edge wire. These nets are used to prevent small size boulders or rocks from falling in rail or road ways, thus minimizing loss of property or life. In case of applications in marine or highly corrosive environment, an additional protection is provided by extruding 0.5mm thick PVC coating over the heavily galvanized wire.

Gabion curtain mesh or netting works like, spalling rocks can be either held in place by pinning the mesh to the rock strata or by draping it over the face guiding the falling rocks harmlessly to the base of the escarpment.

The mesh facing normally has vertical and/or horizontal cabling secured to the mesh/rock to provide fixity and integrity to the jointing of the panels. It is normal to seek advice from specialist installation companies as to the design of this type of work. Additional anchoring of large unstable rock masses on the face may be required.

Galvanized Galvanized + PVC Galvanized Galvanized + PVC
2.40 mm 2.40 mm / 3.40 mm 3.00 mm 3.00 mm / 4.00 mm
2.70 mm 2.70 mm / 3.70 mm 3.40 mm 3.40 mm / 4.40 mm
3.00 mm 3.00 mm / 4.00 mm 3.90 mm 3.90 mm / 4.90 mm
100mm x 120mm (M) (M)
80mm x 100mm 0.50 to 4.00 10.0 to 30.0
60mm x 80mm