Sanctuary offers Galvanized Steel Gratings in following types:

Electro-forged Gratings
Electro-forged Grating are manufactured by PLC controlled equipment which combine high hydraulic pressure more than 100 tones and high electric current approx. 2200 AMPS to Fuse the cross& bearing bar in to a Seamless Joint.

Heavy Duty Gratings
Heavy duty gratings ranging from 65mm X 8 mm flat to 200 mm X 20 mm flats. These gratings are hot deep galvanized to 120 microns zinc coating thickness to have a longer life up to 15-20 years.

Welded / Customized Gratings
Made from Mild Steel - handmade gratings as per customer Requirement. Width: 250 mm up to 1200 mm & lengths as required by user

Light Duty:made from 25 x 3 mm Load bearing bars
Medium Duty:30 x 3 & 30 x 5 mm Bearing Bars
Heavy Duty: 40 x 5, 65 x 5 bearing Bars
Extra Heavy Duty: 200 x 20 load bearing bars


  • Trench Cover Gratings / Gully Gratings
  • Storm Water drain cover gratings
  • Airport gratings / Wagon Tipplers
  • Petrochemical industry / power plants / waterworks
  • Sewage treatment plants, municipal works, sanitation projects
  • Platforms, corridors, bridge, ditch cover, covers, ladders


  • Fusion creates beaker Joints of bearing Bar to Cross bar seamlessly
  • As there are no notches it is less prone to corrosion
  • Gratings can be bought in long panels & cut to size by user at site
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Coating ensure added protection from corrosion for longer period of time
  • Anti-theft Design - The cover and the frame is joint with hinge offering security, safety and open convenience.
  • High Strength - The strength and the toughness are much higher than cast iron. Can be used for terminals, airport and other large-span and heavy loading condition.