Looking at consistently changing environment and its challenging impacts, Whether those challenges emanates from forces of nature or whether they come from the ever increasing difficulties of people living within this environment with the need for infrastructure development and better utilization of available land, Sanctuary is always striving to facing up to these kind of challenges with its effective Gabion Solutions.

With our commitment to quality sanctuary is consistently focused on providing turnkey gabion solutions with higher grade materials, efficient manufacturing processes, and innovative design and installation techniques.

Sanctuary provides Gabions solutions not just for civil engineering and landscape applications, but also for architectural projects where both quality and aesthetics are paramount. Architects, builders, developers and urban planners appreciate the broad aesthetic qualities of Gabions beyond the products basic purpose.


  • Gabions are engineered retaining structures designed as mass gravity walls to hold back earth or other solid materials without overturning, sliding or foundation failure. Gabions can be used in different applications, they are an effective solution to combat erosion and to stabilise and strengthen embankments and water courses.
  • Precisely Gabions are geometrical shapes composed out of welded mesh panels or hexagonal woven panels. The panels are connected by using either lacing wire, clips or spirals to create a compartment to fill with course, hard and durable stones or recycled material.
  • Gabions are trusted, technically proved and exceptionally sound solutions for retaining earth & erosion control.

  • Gabion Retaining Wall Structures Soil Erosion & Scour Protection Flood Control
  • Coastal Embankment Works Highways Protection Channel Linings
  • Rock Fall Protection
  • River Training
  • Culverts & Bridges Protection
  • Canal Linings
  • Drop Structures and Weirs Landscaping and Gravity Walls Gabion Fencing
  • Freestanding Walls, Noise & Environmental Barriers
  • Architectural Gabion Applications
  • Monolithic and flexible structures
  • Uniform wire coating for extra durability
  • Permeable structures
  • Pre-assembled units for fast installation
  • No specialized labour required for installation
  • Quicker assembly & better shape control
  • Low cost – virtually maintenance free
  • Adaptable & environment friendly
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable & long lasting