Concertina Razor Wire is one of the most efficient and effective solution which is globally used and designed to prevent intrusion and trespassing.

Concertina wire is very strong and reinforced with a steel coil which makes it very hard to bend while the barbs have a piercing and gripping action. Razor wire is designed using series of sharp barbs punched all along the length on both the sides of strip at regular intervals.

Types Of Available

  • Clipped – Razor Wire Concertina Coil
  • Unclipped – Reinforce Barbed Tape (R.B.T.)
  • Razor Mesh Panels


Available Coil Diameters 350mm to 1050mm
Blade (Tape) Thickness 0.45mm to 0.52mm
Available Zinc Coating on Blade 90 G/m2 to 275 G/m2
Diameter of core wire 2.45mm to 2.50mm
Tensile Strength of Core Wire High Tensile (Min. 135 – 155 Kg/mm2)
Available Zinc coating on Wire 40 GSM to 275 GSM
No. of Loops (circles) / Coil 30 to 80 as per the requirement
Clipping 3 to 5 Clips per loop