Sanctuary Chain Link Fence (also referred to as woven wire netting, wire-mesh fence, Link Fence or Diamond Mesh Fence) is type of woven wire fence usually made from galvanized or galvanized + PVC coated iron wire.

Known for its strength & durability Chain Link Fencing is one of the most traditional and widely used option for security fencing across the globe.

Available Range of Wire Diameters 1.80mm to 4.50mm
Available Mesh Sizes 25mm to 100mm
Available Finish Galvanized (Zinc) & PVC (Zinc + PVC)
Zinc Coating Min. 40 GSM to 290 GSM
PVC Coating Thickness 0.50mm to 1.00mm
Available PVC Colours Green, Black, Grey
Roll Heights 0.30 M to 4.50 M
Packing Compacted or Uncompact Rolls